Tjanpi Desert Weavers – new arrivals

It was such a pleasure carefully hand selecting these beautiful baskets during our recent visit with Tjanpi Desert Weavers.

These skilled weavers make baskets and various quirky ‘critters’ from a combination of native desert grasses, seeds and feathers, string and wool. Tjanpi artworks are unique, innovative and constantly evolving.

Tjanpi Desert Weavers is an Indigenous governed and directed social enterrpise, and we are thrilled to present these works to you.

Nancy Jackson, W: 34cm, $182:
Nancy Jackson

Pollanne Smith, W: 16cm (width of basket) or W: 30cm (width including feathers), $83:
Pollyanne Smith

Norma Baker, W: 29cm, $149:

Nancy Jackson, 47cm x 38cm, $264:
Nancy Jackson 3

Nancy Jackson, W:25cm, $132:
Nancy Jackson 2

Betty Muffler, W:26cm, $132:
Betty Muffler

Dallas Smith, 45cm x 40cm, $231:
Dallas Smythe

Anna Porter, W:29cm, $132:
Anna Porter

Tjanpi Brochure

If you would like further images of these works please contact Lisa via