Desert Mob 2017

We have just returned from the excitement Desert Mob. This annual celebration in Alice Springs is a wonderful opportunity to immerse yourself in the wonder of Aboriginal art and culture.

There are 3 main events of the festival – the exhibition (where the most special works are displayed), the symposium (talks and first hand accounts from the artists and art centres), and market day (mad dash for bargain works from the art centres!).

Desert Mob runs in Alice Springs until the 22nd of October. Put it in your calendar for next year!

Here are some of the wonderful works on display at the exhibition. Our fave is this stunning electric blue work by Doris Bush Nungarryi of Papunya Tjupi Arts. Doris was proud to stand with her work, titled Ikuntji (love story).

Doris Bush Desert Mob 2017

This richly textured work is by Ngamaru Bidu:
Ngamaru Bidu Desert Mob 2017

Loved these birds! – by Nyanu Watson:
Nyanu Watson Desert Mob 2017

More gorgeous quirky birds! Cockatoos this time. By Karen Napaljarri Barnes:
Karen Napaljarri Barnes Desert Mob 2017

Wonderful collaborative work by the men of Tjala community:
Tjala Mens Collaborative Desert Mob 2017

Wawiriya Burton:
Wawiriya Burton Desert Mob 2017

Loved the clean simplicity of this work by Kerry Ann Robinson:
Kerry Ann Robinson Desert Mob 2017

Striking – by Rachael Mipantjiti Lionel:
Rachael Mipantjiti Lionel Desert Mob 2017

A lot of people seemed quite taken by this contemporary piece by Pepai Jangala Carroll:
Pepai Jangala Carroll Desert Mob 2017

Extraordinary talent on display- Tjanpi Desert Weavers:
Tjanpi Desert Weavers Desert Mob 2017

This collaborative artwork was one of our very favourites – Watarru Collaborative:
Watarru Collaborative Desert Mob 2017

Also sharing some stunning scenery over the desert as we neared Alice Springs. Can you see the scenery in the artwork?!..or the artwork in the scenery!? Artists paint an ‘aerial’ perspective of their country, and many do this without ever seeing their country from above – so clever.

All the water in Central Australia drains into Lake Eyre. These large salt pans were spectacular:
Salt pans near Alice Springs 2017

Looks just like a painting doesn’t it!?
Desert scenery 2017

Until next year! Thanks for a great time ‘Desert Mob’!
Rae & Lisa

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