Lorna Brown Napanangka #143N


artist – Lorna Brown Napanangka
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community – Central & Western Desert

title: Warren Creek Ceremony

year painted: 2019

dimensions: 112 x 102cm
medium: Acrylic on belgian linen
code: 143N

This artwork can be viewed at our Noosa gallery.

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about this painting:  Lorna’s line and dot work mix together to create a balance that reflects the dynamic landscapes of the Western Desert, specifically her country, Warren Creek.  This is her grandfathers country.  The shapes in her painting represent the creek, rock holes, soakage waters and sandhills in the area.  During ancestral times a large group of women camped at Warren Creek and gathered edible berries growing in the area.  These included desert raisin, desert fig, bush banana and bush tomato.  They also dug for honey ants and witchery grubs.