Isobel Gorey Nampitjinpa – #1599


artist – Isobel Gorey Nampitjinpa
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community – Papunya Tjupi Arts

title: Kapi Tjukurrpa

year painted: 2023

dimensions: 122 x 71cm
medium: Acrylic on linen
code: 1599

stretched:  yes

about:  Isobel has depicted designs associated with her grandfather and father’s country – a water dreaming site to the north of Papunya, west of the sacred mountain Karinyarra. There is an important water hole there.

Water dreaming sites are important for the regeneration of nature. The water makes the country green and brings lots of bush tucker foods for the people and the animals. The heavy rain usually comes in the summer time.  When the lightening can be seen in the distance, the elders will start singing to the lightening, encouraging it to bring more rain to replenish the land.  In her paintings Isobel depicts clouds, rain drops, lightening, rainbows, puddles and bush flowers.