Wentja Morgan Napaltjarri #1412


artist – Wentja Morgan Napaltjarri
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community – Central & Western Desert

title: Tingarri Men

year painted: 2017

dimensions: 90 x 60cm
medium: Acrylic on linen
code: 1412

stretched: yes

This artwork can be viewed at our Sydney gallery.

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about this painting:

This painting is about the Tingarri Men who move through Pintupi Country around Lake Mackay and across the desert and beyond. Wentja’s father, Shorty Lungkarta Tjungurrayi, was one of the last senior Pintupi men to join the Papunya painting group in the early 1970s. Shorty was a traditional healer, reknowned for his hunting skills, ceremonial knowledge and his spirited dancing. He taught Wentja how to paint.  This painting is about the Tingarri Ceremonial cycle that travels across the Gibson desert region, and beyond.  In this painting Wentja has painted the Tingarri Men. Amongst other activities, they are responsible for rain making.