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Awelye women's ceremony art

Awelye – women’s ceremony body art

Awelye (also spelt awely or alywarr) is the Anmatyerre and Alyawarr nations term for women’s ceremonies. It also refers to the designs applied to the women’s bodies as part of a ceremony (and can be seen on many incredible canvases produced by talented artists). The awelye ceremony is performed by Aboriginal women to recall their […]

Polly Kngale Bush Plum Dreaming

Joyous Bush Plum Dreaming

There’s a very good reason why Bush Plum Dreaming artworks are so adored!  They are absolutely joyous, versatile and timeless. Bush plum (or Ahakeye in Anmatyere language) is a fruit the size of a grape which grows on large shrubs throughout Central Australia.  It is also known as “Black Currant”, “Bush Currant” or “Native Currant”. […]