Pirrmangka Reid Napanangka #414


artist – Pirrmangka Reid Napanangka
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community – Papunya Tula Artists

title: untitled

year painted: 2005

dimensions: 91 x 61cm
medium: Acrylic on linen
code: 414

stretched: yes

This artwork can be viewed at our Noosa gallery.

about this painting: This painting depicts designs associated with a rockhole site near the Tjukurla community in Western Australia. A group of women gathered at the site to perform the dances and sing the songs associated with the area.  They made hair-string which is used in the making of hair-belts, which are worn by both men and women during these ceremonies.  The roundel in this painting depicts the rock hole at this site.  The other various shapes in this painting represent the sandhills and rocky outcrops that surround the site.  While at this site the women also gathered desert raisin, which they ground in to a paste and then cooked in the coals to form a type of damper.  The small circles depict the desert raisin they gathered.