Naata Nungurrayi – BB


artist – Naata Nungurrayi
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community – Central & Western Desert

title: untitled

year painted: 2005

dimensions: 182 x 152cm
medium: Acrylic on linen
code: BB

stretched: yes & box framed (can be taken off stretch if desired)

This magnificent painting comes with many photographs of Naata working on this painting.

Please contact us to arrange viewing of this superb artwork.  It is housed with a private client in Noosa.

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about this painting:  This painting depicts the creation events at the rock hole site of Marrapinti, west of Kiwirrkura. A group of senior women camped at this site where they gathered bush raisin.  The dried fruit is ground to make damper, or seed cake.  The linear appearance of the painting design depicts the alignment of the topography in the landscape near Naata’s homeland.  The pre-dominantly east-west alignment of the landscape had a strong influence on the movements of the nomadic Indigenous people.  During ceremony the women will “act out” the activities of ancestral beings and the songlines are performed in a repetitive manner.  The rock hole sites have been a reliable source of drinking water and as such remain important ceremony sites to celebrate the activities of ancestral beings.