Margaret Lewis Napangardi #118N


artist – Margaret Lewis Napangardi

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community – Central & Western Desert 

title: Blue Tongue Lizard

year painted: 2014

dimensions: 90 x 90cm
medium: Acrylic on linen
code: 118N

stretched? : yes

This artwork can be viewed at our Noosa gallery.

about this painting:  This artwork reflects the land around  Mina Mina and in particular, the important rock holes that can be found in this region.  Margaret tells us that there are many rock holes at Mina Mina, some permanent, but most are usually dry.  Once the rain comes and fills the rock holes with water, the grasses grow around them which in turn encourages different birds and animals to come to these sites for food and water. There are men’s areas and also women’s areas around Mina Mina. Margaret has depicted the women from the area hunting for the blue tongue lizard.  The lizards live in holes in amongst the spinifex bushes. The women follow the tracks to his hole and reach in, grab the lizard and pull him out.