Liddy Walker Napanangka


artist – Liddy Walker Napanangka
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community – Central & Western Desert

title: Wakilpirri (Dogwood Tree)

year painted: 2003

dimensions: 91 x 76cm
medium: Acrylic on linen
code: 86

stretched: yes

This artwork can be viewed at our Noosa gallery.

about this painting: The main motif of this painting depicts the Wakirlpirri tree.  The “U” shaped figures depict women collecting Wakirlpirri in their food carriers.  The women are picking seeds from the tree.  A sweet drink is made from this plant.  The sinuous lines are snake vine.  One of the uses for this vine is to attach ceremonial poles to the body when dancing for sacred business.  The circles are mulga trees, which are used to make Witi poles.