Bai Bai Napangarti #202


artist – Bai Bai Napangarti
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community – Kimberley

title: Yunpu

year painted: 2004

dimensions: 100 x 50cm
medium: Acrylic on linen
code: 202

This artwork can be viewed at our Noosa gallery.

about this painting:  Bai Bai has painted her Grandmothers country, located to the south of Balgo in the Great Sandy Desert.  The country depicted here is known as Yunpu.  Yunpu is the territory of ancestral cannibal people, the Yunpu.  The Yunpu were all white, skeleton-type people, who would hunt people, bring them back to this place and kill them and eat them.  The country here is centred around a large swamp.  The swamp is shown as the large circle. Surrounding the swamp are sandhills and lots of trees.