aboriginal artist: Winnie Nakamarra

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Winnie Bernadette Nakamarra

BORN: c. 1961-

COUNTRY: Kintore


Winnie Bernadette Nakamarra was born in 1961 in Alice Springs.

Winnie is the forth child of award winning artist Makinti Napanangka. In 2008 Makinti won the esteemed Telstra Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art Award. Her father is Nyukuti Tjupurrula, brother of artist Nosepeg Tjupurrula. Bernadette has three older siblings who also paint, Ginger Tjakamarra (c. 1940), Narrabri Narrapayi (c. 1949), and Jacqueline Daaru (c. 1958).

She moved with her family to Kintore when it was established in the early 1980s.

Winnie paints stories of the peewee bird, associated with the rockhole site of Lupulnga. Peewee bird tracks are visible in her work.

Winnie continues to gain recognition for her beautiful paintings.