aboriginal artist: Silas Hobson

Silas Hobson, born in 1978, is a talented artist painting for the Lockhart River Aboriginal Arts and Cultural Centre. He has lived in the Lockhart River aboriginal community all of his life. Silas has been painting since 1996.

Artist statement: “We all have our different styles that speaks about our traditional ways, stories and beliefs. I tell my story through prints, painting and sculpture. Our life here centres around our relationships with each other and with the land, the sea and the animals. My works are a contemporary response to the traditional culture and the isolation of my community.

A lot of my paintings are about people coming together, white people, black people, even spirit people, It’s like having a meeting, dance festival or Christmas celebration with happy, sad, good and bad moments. Most of all it’s about coming together, listening and yarning amongst each other, teaching, learning about each one of us, their way and our way, their culture and our culture.”