aboriginal artist: Selina Teece Pwerl

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Selina Teece Pwerl was born in 1977 in her traditional country of Antarrengeny, which lies in Alyawarr country north of the Utopia region in Central Australia.  Selina grew up surrounded by artists and developed her own artistic talents at a very young age.

The theme for her paintings relate to the stories from her father’s country Antarrengeny.  Her painting style can vary from patterns of intricate dots when illustrating a landscape of her country to bold linear work when representing body paint design.  Selina is also inspired by other designs that she has seen in her country such as the Kurrajong seeds, Gum blossoms of the Blood wood tree and Akatyerre – Bush tomato, and is constantly experimenting with design and colour.

Selina’s artworks have been exhibited both nationally and internationally and received with great enthusiasm and interest. Through Selina’s hard work she has established herself as a very important emerging Indigenous artist.