aboriginal artist: Raymond Tjapaltjarri

Raymond Tjapaltjarri

BORN: 1967

COUNTRY: Kiwirrkura

Raymond is the son of famous artists Patrick Tjungurrayi and Miriam Napanangka, who both paint for Papunya Tula Artists. He lives mainly in Kiwirrkura, but often travels with his father to visit relatives in Balgo.

Raymond completed his first paintings in November 2002 and is part of a younger generation of artists who are reaffirming the traditions of their elders in the 21st century.

Raymond has participated in a number of group exhibitions across Australia, as he is considered one of the Pintupi ‘rising stars’. In 2006, Cicada Trading exhibited his work in Abu Dhabi and the Kingdom of Bahrain.

His paintings depict designs associated with the rockhole and soakage water site of Kuta Kuta, north of the Kiwirkurra community. In mythological times a large group of Tingari men camped at this site before travelling north to Piparr south of Wilkinkarra (Lake Mackay). This area belongs to the artist’s grandfather.