aboriginal artist: Puuni Brown Nungarrayi

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Puuni was born out bush, at Karrinyarra, in 1979. Her mother, Isobel Gorey, had gone on a trip from Papunya to pick yalka (bush onion). Isobel gave birth to Puuni at Karrinyarra and then Puuni and Isobel drove to Yuendumu where they were flown to Alice Springs. Isobel is a Luritja woman and Puuni’s father is a Warlpiri man.

Puuni grew up in Papunya and a ended Papunya school. Puuni is a mother and has three children who live in Kirrikurra, WA. When spending time with her family at Kirrikurra Puuni began to paint at the Women’s Centre. Puuni was mentored by an older woman at the Women’s centre who has since passed away.

Since then, Puuni has returned to Papunya and had another little girl, May. Puuni now spends her time at Papunya Tjupi. Puuni says she has spent many hours watching her mother Isobel paint and has continued to learn from her. Puuni is an emerging talent at Papunya Tjupi and continues to reinvent her Mother’s Tjukurrpa.