aboriginal artist: Patrick Butcher

Patrick Butcher, born in 1977, is one of the original “Art Gang” members. He is a print maker and painter. Patrick has shown his work in many group shows in Australia and overseas. His work is fresh and vital.

Artist Statement: “I was a member of the Lockhart River Art Gang when they worked mainly at the School. This is a group of young Aboriginal artists from the east coast of Cape York. I have done a bit of work with Batik and lino-printing. Like working with cross hatching techniques. I worked with pottery and done a bit of practice printing shirts at the school. I did art work for the Great Barrier Reef Management Association Project. My paintings were used for pamphlets and postcard invitations for the Message Stick exhibition. I liked making stretchers for canvases. In my spare time I like to go fishing. When it’s high tide, I like to go spear fishing for stingrays and the many species of fish I come across, and diving amongst the rocks off-shore. Usually I like to make spear and find the elders and have a yarn with them about bush tucker and all that.”

Collections: Queensland Art Gallery, Wollongong University Collection, National Gallery of Victoria