aboriginal artist: Mona Nangala

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Mona was born in Haasts Bluff, south of Papunya. Her mother was Alungtu Napangati. She attended school at the Haasts Bluff Mission School. She has lived between Papunya and Haasts Bluff, and various cattle stations such as Narwietooma, northeast of Papunya. Her husband, Michael Gorey was a stockman. When she was younger Mona worked with her husband cooking for the stockmen at their camps.

Mona currently lives on an outstation 3 miles from Papunya past the Warampi Hills with her extended family.

Mona has been painting at Papunya Tjupi since 2011. Initially she was painting her women’s story. In recent years though Mona has been focusing on her own unique expression of water dreaming with tali (sandhill) which are increasingly sought after by national and international collectors. Mona comes to Papunya Tjupi Art Centre on most days and sits for hours placing dot after dot on her Tali paintings with great care and attention.