aboriginal artist: Meredith Curley

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Meredith Curley is an artist from Ernabella in the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yangkuntjatjara Lands.  Meredith is the daughter of acclaimed artist, Imitjala Curley and the sister of artists, Madeline Curley and Maria Curley.

Meredith paints a major Dreamtime story from her country in this artwork, being the Ngintaka story.  This is a significant story about a lizard man who stole a grinding stone and was subsequently pursued all across country before meeting his fate.  In this work, Meredith depicts the cave where the Ngintaka and his wife, the Echidna, were on honeymoon in a cave.  They ate a sweet treat which is a chrysalis that is found on eucalyptus leaves.