aboriginal artist: Lydia Burak (nee Tippakilippa)

Lydia Burak (nee Tippakilippa) paints for Munupi Arts.

Munupi Arts & Crafts Association is located along Melville Islands north-western coastline at Pirlangimpi (Garden Point) and is the most recently formed art centre on the Tiwi Islands. In 1990 the Yikikini Women’s Centre and Pirlangimpi Pottery were incorporated under the name Munupi Arts and Crafts Association giving local artists an opportunity to proudly celebrate Tiwi culture through both traditional and contemporary mediums.

Eddie Puruntatameri was the first president of Munupi Arts and Crafts. Eddie worked at Tiwi Pottery at Nguiu for many years until he moved to Pirlangimpi in late 1983 and set up a pottery workshop in the community.

The first major works at Munupi were several large mural panels. The painted panels were placed around the community at Pirlangimpi Airport, the Council Office, Pirlangimpi Pottery and at the Women’s Centre. Artists who contributed to this project were Thelca Puruntatameri, Reppie Orsto, Fatima Kantilla, Donna Burak, Francesca Puruntatameri and Therese Ann Tipiloura.

The first Munupi Arts and Crafts exhibition ‘Munupi Dreaming’ was held in October 1990 at Shades of Ochre, Darwin. The exhibition included painted furniture, paintings, limited edition prints and terracotta pots. Munupi artists have continued to exhibit both within Australia and internationally. Many artists from Munupi Arts and Craft have participated in workshops at the art centre and abroad.

Drawing inspiration from their natural lush environment and Tiwi creation stories, Munupi artists employ ochres, gouache and acrylic paint. Munupi Arts and Crafts are also highly regarded for the diversity of their range of works including painting, pottery, carving, weaving, screen prints, etchings, linocut prints, lithographs and screen printed textiles.