aboriginal artist: Kanya Tjapangati

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Born near Kiwirrkura in the ’50s, Kanya grew up ‘in the bush’ and was brought in to Papunya by one of the NT Welfare Branch patrols in the early ’60s. In Peter Fannin’s time of running Papunya Tula Artists, a few years after painting had begun at Papunya, he moved to Balgo in WA, to Docker River, Warakuna, and then to the Pintupi camp at Yai Yai, where he assisted some of the older artists with their paintings. After he moved to Kintore with the majority of his Pintupi tribesmen and women at the start of the ’80s he began to paint regularly for Papunya Tula Artists. He lived at Kiwirrkura, and painted Tingari stories in the region of his country, which included the sites of Mukula, Yardinga, Nungami and Likilinga, west of Kiwirrkura.