aboriginal artist: Jimmy Tchooga Tjapangarti

Jimmy paints for Warlayirti Artists.

The Warlayirti Artists community consists of people diverse in age, culture and life experiences. At present, Warlayirti Artists comprises of both male and female artists who range in age from 18 to 90 years and span over four generations.

Some of these artists were brought up in the traditional bush manner, while others have grown up in the modern day community. In addition, residing in Wirrimanu there are eight different language groups – Kukatja, Ngardi, Djaru, Warlpiri, Walmajarri, Wangkajunga, Pintupi and Ngaatjatjaras; each with their own history and story to tell. In such a multi-cultural and diverse artistic group, Art is part of everyday life and cultural continuity.