aboriginal artist: Janie Ward

Janie was born near Nyimi Rockhole near Kulkutja, anangu way, no house, no hospital. “the rockhole I was born at is called Nyimi. It is long way from Patjarr, the other side of Tjukurla getting close to Kintore in NT” As a young woman she lived with her family in the bush. She was a teenager when her family walked into Warburton Mission and was surprised to see so many families there. Janie has been painting for several years since the early 1990’s and lives in Patjarr.


1995 Artplace, Perth, WA (1995-2003)

2000 Aboriginal & Pacific Arts, Sydney NSW (1995- 2003)

2003 Nampa Kuwarringkarja, Tjulyuru Regional Gallery, Warburton, WA


James McCourt Collection
The Marshall Collection