aboriginal artist: Isobel Gorey Nampitjinpa

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Isobel Gorey Nampitjinpa was born at Laramba, Northern Territory, in 1958. Her father was a Warlpiri/Amnatyerre man who moved from his country, Wantapunyu, to Ti Tree where he worked as a stockman on Narwietooma sta on. Her Mother was an Arrente woman from Hermannsburg. When Isobel was eight years old her family moved to Papunya where she a ended Papunya School and later boarded at Yirara College in Alice Springs. Upon return to Papunya, Isobel married her first husband and had four children. Isobel has worked for World Vision in Papunya as an aged-care worker as well as at the Papunya Clinic as a health worker and then in community health educa on. Isobel is a founding member ar st and Director of Papunya Tjupi Arts where she has been pain ng since 2006. A er experimen ng with many different pain ng techniques and ways of depic ng her Tjukurrpa stories, she arrived at her current dis nc ve personal style. Isobel is currently on the board for the community organisa on Waltja that looks a er Aboriginal families in desert communi es around Alice Springs. She is also a board member for DesArt a suppor ng body for the art centres of Central Australia.

Isobel is a leader in the women’s song and dance for this country. She said, “I paint for the future of my culture and for the family”.

Group Exhibitions

2016 Papunya Tjupi Arts : Incinerator Art Space, Honey Ant Gallery, Sydney
2015 Streets of Papunya: The Reinvention of Papunya Painting : UNSW Galleries
2015 Desert Mob : Araluen Art Centre, Alice Springs
2015 Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair : Darwin Convention Centre, Darwin
2015 Tjupi Kungka: New work from the women of Papunya Tjupi : Outstation Gallery, Darwin
2015 New Narratives: Papunya Tjupi Prints with Cicada Press 2006-2014 : Kluge-Ruhe Museum – UVa Charlottesville, Virginia, USA
2014 Desert Mob : Araluen Art Centre, Alice Springs
2014 Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair : Darwin Convention Centre
2014 Seoul Open Art Fair 2014 : Seoul, Korea
2014 Kungka Tjutaku Wititjanku: Women Keeping Culture Strong : Mossenson Galleries
2014 Art Paris Art Fair 2014 : Grand Palais, Paris, France
2013 Papunya Tjupi: New Work : Damien Minton Gallery, Sydney
2013 Solidarity for Love: G’day from Aussie Minjung : Monkey-Wrenching Art Center, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan
2013 New Paintings from Papunya Tjupi Arts : JGM Art Ltd, London 2013 Desert Mob : Araluen Art Centre, Alice Springs
2013 Papunya Tjupi : Chapman Gallery Canberra
2013 Kapingka punganynka Tjupi tjutarringanyi : Marshall Arts, Adelaide 2013 Artstage Singapore : Mossenson Galleries
2012 Desertmob : Araluen Art Centre, Alice Springs
2012 Papunya Tjupi : Marshall Arts, Adelaide
2012 Kapi Tjukurrpa – Water Dreaming : Mossenson Galleries
2012 The Keating Speech : Damien Minton Gallery, Sydney
2012 Desert Rhythm – Papunya Tjupi Arts : Mossenson Galleries, Melbourne 2012 Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair : Darwin Convention Centre, Darwin
2011 Papunya Power : Art Mob Gallery, Hobart
2011 UNSW International Showcase : UNSW, Kensington, Sydney
2011 Papunya Tjupi Arts : ARTKelch, Germany
2011 Papunya Tjupi : Mina Mina Gallery, Queensland
2011 Desert Mob : Araluen Art Centre, Alice Springs
2011 New Prints from Papunya Tjupi Arts : Nomad Arts, Canberra and Darwin 2011 Kuwarritja Tjutaku Papunya Tjupinya : Chapman Gallery, Canberra
2011 Papunya Tjupi: Generations : Mossenson, Galleries, Melbourne
2010 Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair : Darwin Convention Centre, Darwin
2010 Desert Stories: Papunya Tjupi : Gecko Gallery, Cairns
2010 Tjukurrpa: Papunya Tjupi Arts : Mossenson Galleries, Melbourne
2008 Papunya Tjupi: A new beginning : Ivan Dougherty Gallery, Paddington Collections