aboriginal artist: Elizabeth Marks Nakamarra

Elizabeth Marks was born in 1959 in Papunya and lives at Kintore and Mount Liebig. She helped her husband, the renowned artist Mick Namerari Tjapaltjarri, (Deceased), with some of his paintings, and since his death in 1998, became an artist in her own right, whose artworks are sought after by collectors worldwide.

In her highly valuable and beautiful works, collected and exhibited around the world, she depicts elements of the Dreaming of her family, of her father and grandfather country which lies to the east of Kintore.

Elizabeth was named one of Australia’s “Most Collectable” in the January 2004 edition of the prestigious Australian Art Collectors.

2001 Victorian Artists Society Galleries, Melbourne
2002 Chapel off Chapel Gallery, Melbourne
2002/203 Glen Eira City Gallery, Melbourne
2003 Gallery Gabrielle Pizzi, Melbourne