aboriginal artist: Jean Hudson Nampijinpa

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Jean Hudson Nampijinpa was born in the remote community of Yuelamu in 1956. Yuelamu Community is approximately 3 hours from Alice Springs in Central Australia. She is the sister of well known artist Maureen Hudson Nampitjinpa. Jean grew up at her families traditional lands learning the important laws and culture of her people. Jean is a Warlpiri woman however she also speaks Anmatyerre, another Aboriginal language from Central Australia. Her country is Kerrinyerra or Mount Wedge which is in the Yuelamu/Yuendumu region.

As part of that learning and transition she inherited several Dreamings from her family. From her father she inherited Warlu or fire Dreaming, from her grandfather she inherited Ngapa or Water Dreaming and from her mother she inherited Kanmarra or Bush Onion Dreaming. Her Dreamings originate from Warlukurlungu, her father and grandfather’s descendents which involve many Dreaings such as Emu, Fire, Flying Ant, Water, Possum and Women’s ceremonies.

Jean began painting in 1979 and initially her paintings used traditional iconography however over time they took on a more impressionistic look. Demand for her work increased and over the years she has participated in several group and solo exhibitions in Australia as well as The Netherlands, Zurich and the USA. Jean comes from a long line of Aboriginal artists who

promote and share their culture through their Dreamings and artworks. Her artworks are also held in several collections.

Central Art features a beautiful artwork titled “Salt Lakes” (2007) which is displayed on our website, it depicts the Salt Lakes from an aerial perspective around Mount Wedge. It is a relatively large artwork which has subtle dotting that varies in thickness.

Nowadays Jean divides her time between Alice Springs, Yuelamu and Melbourne and continues to paint however not as frequently as she did.