Athena Granites Nangala #1579 – SOLD


artist – Athena Granites Nangala

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community – Central Desert (Yuendumu)

title: Seven Sisters Dreaming

year painted: 2022

dimensions: 61 x 61cm
medium: Acrylic on belgian linen
code: 1579

This artwork can be viewed at our Sydney gallery.

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about this painting: Athena paints the famous Seven Sisters story.  Seven sisters were pursued by a man. He wanted to marry them, but they were of the wrong skin name and not meant to marry.  The man used magic powers to try and catch the sisters.  For instance, he turned himself into a fig tree, hoping the ladies would camp under him. But the ladies were too clever. They too had magic powers. Ultimately the sisters escaped him by ascending into the sky, forming a constellation of seven stars.  He followed and is also a star (Orion), he isn’t giving up 🙂